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You're a musician interested in playing with SAO...

Thank you for your interest in joining the St. Augustine Orchestra.  Musicians come to the SAO with a wide variety of past experiences - from professional and semi-professional players to amateur but enthusiastic musicians and everything in between.  SAO is always looking for musicians to bring their talents and passion for music to the group.

If you are a musician interested in joining the St. Augustine Orchestra, application to join consists of:

1) Short application (below)

2) Video submission of scale(s) and a solo piece of your choice - please submit within 1 week of application.  

Your application will not be considered complete until the video has been submitted.  Instructions can be obtained here

SAO Audition Application

Thanks for submitting! Please follow the directions on the Audition Guidelines document to submit a audition video.

You're interested in volunteering with the SAO...

The St. Augustine Orchestra is a great collection of musicians as well as enthusiastic non-musicians interested in promoting great music across the First Coast and have fun doing it.  If you want to pitch in, please contact Allyson Breger, our Executive Director.

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